The following quotes are typical for the customer appreciation Kevin with Kanine Freedom receives.

This underlines my commitment to provide total customer satisfaction and to over-achieve goals as your trusted canine partner and advisor.

What Our Customers Say...

Kevin has a calling for his chosen profession! He is so good with dogs and just as importantly their owners. He has patience of a saint. he is always striving to learn more skills to pass along to his clients. he is an excellent communicator and is always there to answer questions as they arise. Lastly he is always doing extra things for his clients such as his Sunday socials and extra help class. his heart is certainly in the right place and I am now proud to not only be a client but an actual friend of his.

– Karen Weinstein from Rohnert Park

Rohnert Park Dog Training
I sought out Kevin’s help for Oliver my shepherd mix . He was attacked when he was younger and has been really reactive and hard to handle since  We started with training sessions and Oliver showed improvement . Then we had an indecent with a neighbors dog . We felt overwhelmed with Oliver and felt guilt for feeling so . We Love Oliver so much . Kevin comes and has a session with us and we all agree he should go board with Kevin for the training he needs .I missed Oliver so much . When he came home Oliver  was definitely different he seems calmer .. He still has anxiety outside but listens to his commands which  makes it easy to walk him and control him so we can help him . I am so impressed with the changes in Oliver. Thank you Kevin.

– Amanda Shepherd from Santa Rosa

Thanks to Kevin Li, we have experienced a complete transformation in our dog Remy, and In ourselves.. Remy has learned all basic commands and how to just relax…those of you who have huskies know that this is a difficult task for them… Kevin’s level of expertise enhanced our understanding of our Pomskies behavior issues as well as our own weaknesses as a leader. I strongly recommend Kevin’s services for both owner novices as well as those of you who feel you are very knowledgeable, there is always room to improve…

– Carrie Taylor from Santa Rosa

Dog Obedience
Santa Rose Dog Training

I was given Kevin’s name from a friend who had great success with him training her dogs. This was my first time having a large dog and I had no idea what I was getting myself into- a husky, we met with Kevin for the meet and greet and he was very kind and super knowledgeable about dogs! I never felt judged he would explain things to me however many times I asked. With our dog we have done the 6 week course trainings as well as Kevin’s bad to the bone 2 week boot camp. I have also taken advantage of Kevin’s boarding services multiple times. We can now walk our dog on a leash, he is no longer food aggressive, he knows a few simple commands, we love the results we have seen since being a client and I truly believe Kevin is the dog whisper he is so great to our family and many of our friends! I’m so thankfuI for him I am a forever client!

–  Erika Rivas from Santa Rosa

Kevin was referred to us by long time family friends.  We were looking for a reliable, caring sitter for Bailey, our 9 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  We were going to be away for five days and were more than anxious about leaving Bailey.  Kevin exceeded all expectations in Bailey’s care; socializing him, exercising him, keeping us informed with pictures, videos and texts, and loving him – treating him like his own.
Since then Kevin became Bailey’s trainer – coming to our home once a week for six weeks.  He worked with Bailey and with us on all the basic commands – “stay”, “leave it”, “off”, “give”, “walking on a leash”, and even techniques to curb Bailey’s barking.  Bailey’s final lesson was especially fun with Kevin teaching our three grandchildren to play tossing games and hide and seek with Bailey.
We highly recommend Kevin for training and for boarding – I know  we would find it very difficult to leave Bailey in the care of anyone else. Bailey loves him!

– Margie and Gene Bousquet from Novato

Santa Rose Dog Trainer
Dog Trainer San Rafael

I’m an experienced dog owner and love the Australian Cattle Dog breed. My husband and I have had much success in owning and fostering this specific breed, and then we rescued Ronin! This poor little guy was adopted from a breeder by a family who quickly realized they had bitten off more than they could chew. He was left in their backyard in a kennel for most of his puppy life, and at 8 months old, was returned to his breeder. When we rescued him, he had absolutely no baseline training, was human aggressive, and was extremely dog aggressive. All of his aggression stemmed from the fact that he was a nervous dog who’s world just got a lot bigger, very fast! He didn’t have any tools to deal with the outside world. So I immediately started training the basic obedience, then e collar and prong collar training. We had made good strides in our home life, but I was in over my head when it came to his dog reactivity. Enter Kevin!!! He immediately saw what I was missing! He taught me some amazing techniques for timing corrections or redirecting Ronin at the right time, before he explodes! He also realized that Ronin’s nervousness stemmed from the fact that he wasn’t using his nose enough, and recommended some games we could play at home to help. The combination of the techniques and the nose work helped bridge the gap! Within a couple of weeks, Ronin’s reactivity to dogs was so good that he finally was able to get close to other dogs (with a muzzle) and conquered his fear! He has made some friends and plays well with other dogs now! I really don’t think we would made it to that point if it wasn’t for Kevin’s advice. We still have work to do with his fear of men and strangers, but I know I can always count on Kevin to help me with any issues and it feels good to know that he has my back. Thanks for your help Kevin!!

– Lauren Galbreath- San Rafael