Here are several workshops/conferences that Kevin has attended as his ongoing education to help people and dogs:

Training Cesar’s Way with Cesar Millan- May 2013

Heather Beck: K9 Lifeline 3D Workshop-  June 2016

Heather Beck: K9 Lifeline Private Shadow Program- May 2017

Micheal Ellis: Two Day E-Collar Workshop- October 2017

Trish King: Predicting Dog Behavior Workshop- February 2019

Jay Jack: Play as the Way Workshop- May 2019

International Association of Canine Professionals Annual Conferences (2017, 2018, and 2019)

Certified Dog Trainer through the International Association of Canine Professionals of Canine Professionals – September 2020

Jay Jack: Tug and Social Responsibility Workshop – March 2021

Adam Gibson: Group Class Game Changer Workshop November 2021

Bart and Michael Bellon: NePoPo Silver School ® November 2021


We met with Kevin and in the first session, he immediately understood Roxy’s problem and the area we needed to focus on… It was amazing to see Roxy’s transformation from a rambunctious dog to a calm, obedient one!”.

-Paul. G

“Kevin is a fantastic dog trainer who listens to your dog problems and concerns and is willing to take them on with positive energy and enthusiasm. He has an amazing process working with your dog that is effective and fun. He brings alot to dog training table and gives professional advice and tips that have helped my wife and I through the dog training process. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking quality dog training services.”

-Joshua and Tera Chelini

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